Infitness Gym
Terms & Conditions


Terms used in this agreement

“club” means the Infitness

“Infitness Member” a member who is entitled to use the gym

“Rules” means the terms and conditions of membership and all rules and regulations made by us, which are applicable to membership of the club

“Us”, “Our” & “We” refer to Infitness

“You” means the person named on the application form



     I.          Details of all current rate and subscriptions referred to in this agreement are available from reception

    II.           Unless otherwise indicated, all notices shall be given via the members portal or E-mail

   III.          All notices to be given by you to us must be in writing either by post, by e-mail or delivered in person

   IV.          We may amend the rules at any time by giving you 14 days written notice


Gym Membership

       I.        Membership to the club is subject to the rules

      II.        Details on each membership are set out in literature available reception.  From time to time we may offer promotional and short term membership details of which will be available on the notice boards.  We will give 30 days notice of any addition or amendment to the categories of membership

     III.        Club Access will be via a fob recognition.  Misuse of the access system will lead to termination of your membership.

     IV.        Infitness reserves the right to verify or  require proof of all information provide to obtain membership.

      V.        The acceptance of an application for membership shall constitute a legally binding agreement.


Fees and Subscriptions

       I.        You may be required to pay a joining fee at time of application of membership and a membership subscription throughout the period of your membership.

      II.        Your membership is payable monthly by Direct Debit on or around the 1st of each calendar month.  The first payment shall become due and payable on the date on which the application is accepted. The amount of that payment shall be calculated as a proportion of the current subscription pro rata’d in accordance with the number of days remaining

     III.        We may vary the subscription rate with effect from 1st January each year and will notify you at least 35 days prior to any variation

     IV.        If the bank returns a failed payment on your account, you will be notified about this failure and the reason for this.  We will not try to take a further payment and you will be required to pay at the club reception.  Failure to pay will result in cancellation of membership along with a request for payment for the 30 day notice period.

      V.        We may refer any returned or missed payments to an external collection agency and provide them with all the information about you they require to recover monies owed.



       I.        You may end you membership at any time after the end of your contracted agreement period  by giving us 1 calendar months notice in writing.  We will then end your membership at the end of the following full month period.  We will confirm receipt of the notice within 7 days. 

      II.        It is your responsibility to ensure we have received the notice to cancel.  We only accept proof of delivery as proof of postage.  Cancellation can be completed through the members portal or via e-mail.

     III.        If you wish to rejoin the club you will be liable to the joining fee and any updated rates

     IV.        We may end the agreement if:

a)      you seriously or repeatedly break the rules or this agreement and you do not or cannot put it right in 7 days of us writing to you

b)     You provide unauthorized access to a non member

c)      You or your guest use rude or abusive language or threaten or use violent behavior including but not limited to inappropriate action towards  member of staff or act in a way that disturbs the enjoyment of other members

v)  If we end you membership we will in our notice explain the full reasons for doing so

vi) You are not entitled to enter the club if your membership is ended


Membership Category length_________________________________________


Suspending your Membership

       I.        You can suspend your membership for medical reasons for a period of between 1 and 3 months by giving the club 30 days written notice and notifying us of the return date.

      II.        If your membership is suspended for longer than 3 months then at the end of each 3 month period we may require you to confirm that you still wish this to remain the status.  We may also ask for a doctors letter as proof of the injury/illness.

     III.        At the end of the suspension of your membership you can return to the Club without paying a further joining fee.

     IV.        You may not enter the Club as a Member or as a guest while your membership is suspended.

      V.        Suspending your membership is not the same as ending your membership. You will still have to follow the procedure shown in clause 5, which includes giving 30 days notice if you want to end your membership

Physical Health of the Member

i.           The Member warrants that he/she is in good health and is not knowingly incapable of engaging in either active or passive exercise. The member further warrants that such exercise would not be detrimental to their health, safety, comfort, well being or physical condition.


Children & Juniors

         I.          Children under 18’s are not permitted to use the gym



ii.          You are entitled to use the facilities of the Club available under your relevant category of membership. We will give you notice of any change to the facilities available at the Club in accordance with this clause. .

iii.         Whenever reasonably possible we will give 30 days notice of:

(i)         any closure of facilities due to other activities; and

(ii)        any permanent closure of facilities other than for reasons outside of our control.

iv.         We will display details of the opening and closing times for the Club at reception. If we reduce these hours, we will give you at least 30 days notice.

v.          All Members and their guests must undertake instructions in the safe use of equipment prior to using the gymnasium. You can make an appointment to be given such instruction by contacting Club reception.

vi.         You should not take part in any physical activity that you may not be fit for. You are responsible for monitoring your own condition during physical activities. We will not be responsible for any harm you suffer as a result of taking part in any activity unless it is caused by our negligence or our failure to take reasonable care.




i)          All guests must be accompanied by a Member aged 18 or over, be signed in at the Club reception and pay the appropriate guest fee. You must ensure that your guests abide by the Rules and accept responsibility for your guest’s behaviour.

ii)          A maximum of 2 guests may accompany a member unless authorised prior to the visit by the Club Manager. Ensuring compliance of the Rules by guests is important to the day-to-day operations of the Club.



            I.        Members and guests are asked to wear a form of dress appropriate to the time of day and place on all occasions.

           II.        No pets will be allowed in the Club buildings or grounds with the exception of registered assistance dogs.

          III.        Entry to the Club is only permitted at the Club reception entrance. Fire exits, which are clearly marked, are there in the interests of public safety and, in the event of a fire, Members and guests are asked to make their way in an orderly fashion to the nearest available exit.

          IV.        Lockers are provided on a daily basis unless other arrangements are made with the Club. Where such arrangements are not in place we can remove the contents from any locker used overnight. You can claim the contents we have removed from Club reception for up to 6 weeks after we have removed them. After this time we will not be responsible for any contents we remove from the lockers and such contents will be given to charity.

          V.        If you find lost property you must hand it into the Club reception. You can pick up lost property from Club reception. We will hold items for 3 months only before disposing of them.

          VI.        In the case of a lost membership FOb, for whatever reason, an administration fee of £10 will be charged.

         VII.        The Club is a proprietary club owned by us and we will control the management of the Club and the facilities. Members will be required to comply with any reasonable directions which we may give to ensure the smooth operation of the Club, the use of the facilities, and the convenience of all members provided that such directions shall not limit your rights or obligations under this Agreement.



            I.       We will limit our liability to damage or loss to your property or your guest’s property to any damage or loss you suffered as a result of our negligence or our failure otherwise to take reasonable care.

           II.       We cannot accept liability for any accident or injury to any Member, child or guest that may happen on our premises or within the grounds of our Club other than the liability which may arise from our negligence or our failure to take reasonable care.

          III.        If you, your child or guest suffers an accident or injury on our premises you must report it to a member of the management team